Maeve Stam: The Eye of Youth

Maeve Stam’s photographs immediately enchant us, because this young photographer’s eye is so youthful and innocent. In her work, Stam articulates a lightness and ease that have become rare. Her pictures smell of endless summers und unbridled life. Perhaps that’s partly due to the fact that she often involves friends in her projects to capture real life in her works. Stam grew up in Utrecht, where she first studied graphic design for one semester. That’s where she discovered the craft of photography and decided to study it in art school. Before graduating, she moved to Amsterdam, where she still lives and works.

Sebastian Artz: Teen Stories

Tillmann Franzen: Boewer

It is highly important to have a feeling for forms, colors and light when photographing objects. It is the combination of all these elements that makes for a perfectly staged product shoot. All of this can be easily found in Tillman Franzen’s works, which is why it was a masterstroke by the Boewer company to hire Franzen for honoring the objects of Eric Degenhardt. Degenhardt’s concepts of furniture contradict classic forms we know of tables, chairs and lamps, which makes it a challenge to highlight exactly these peculiarities. This surely must be one of the reasons why the pictures and their configuration and staging are so perfectly adapted for the interior that they make you want to touch and try what you see.

Kilian Kessler: RIBAG

Considering the fact that RIBAG is a firm that sells innovative lighting concepts, it is hard to stop oneself from imagining how light dawns on Kilian Kessler while working on the realization of their employee portraits. In contrast to common portrait techniques, he uses a simple technique, or rather a very reduced form. What he does is thinking one step ahead. The company works with light. Thus, he decides to work with black and white pictures in front of a dark background. He uses only one light source which highlights the person’s face and the upper half of the torso in the dark. The resulting effect inevitably provides relevance, believability and depth. Kilian Kessler wonderfully relates each person’s importance for the company’s success and the connection to the company’s products.

David Maurer: BMW 3

One man and his car – with no frills, but with rough edges. This is what the viewer gets to see in David Maurer’s picture series. The car and its driver are definitely the core of these unvarnished, straightforward pictures. What is fascinating here is the way Maurer manages to make both protagonists radiate with power and pride in such a quiet setting and with so minimalist forms. Not only the driver seems confident and calm. David also patiently got to know this exceptional setting in order to catch the perfect moment of the interplay between light and shadow in the end. This does not only make the pictures very esthetic but also a little rough and manly and the contrasts turn even the smallest details into something special. Like the story of two infamous Western heroes, the pictures of this team already cast their shadows.

Schall & Schnabel: BMW Zukunftslichter

Schall & Schnabel have proven themselves yet again to be second to none when it comes to creative work. In the context of BMW’s exhibition “Lights of the Future”, they have created and staged an interesting exhibit. The resulting pictures remind the viewer of looking into a well-known toy: the kaleidoscope. It seems to be indicative that the word kaleidoscope comes from the Greek and means “to see beautiful forms” and it can be interpreted as an analogy to the basic idea of BMW’s Lights of the Future. But before we get bogged down in interpretations, it can be said that Schall & Schnabel perfectly managed to depict the alienation of typical car lights and that they skillfully implemented the exhibition’s basic idea. The resulting photos, gifs and videos show a wonderful play of colors created by light reflections that gain a mysterious air in front of the warm blue mist. Schall & Schnabel’s works are and will remain exciting.

Atli Thor Alfredsson: Realdania

How do you make the invisible visible? How can you defend yourself from something you can’t see? The Danish organization Realdania is seeking to answer these questions and informs people about the radioactive element radon. They managed to win over Atli Thor Alfredsson for supporting their campaign. Alfredsson is a man who likes to integrate mysticism and fantasy into his pictures. For this sensitive topic, he proves that his photography can be diverse and intelligent at the same time. Alfredsson does not use Photoshop to make the danger visible. He likes to go deeper and so he starts where fear lives. In the subconscious. It is one of the primal fears of people that death may catch up with them in their sleep. So Alfredsson depicts people who sleep peacefully and who aren’t aware of any danger. This looks like a campaign for bedlinen, but the fact that radon settles in houses with bad air gives the campaign a morbid turn. Two brilliant parties have come together to sensitize people for this difficult topic.

Joel Micah Miller: Hekatron

It almost seems like the company Hekatron can’t help but to play it safe: For their self-staging, Hekatron, the partner for fire prevention solutions, got no other than Joel Micah Miller on board. He is the photographer for corporate images. Miller did a great job for Hekatron. He knows perfectly well how to stage people and objects. In various different pictures, he depicts people in situations that have something to do with fire prevention and with people who depend on it. In Miller’s typical aesthetic, all pictures appear open, friendly and they create trust. They are perfectly planned down to the last detail and have been wonderfully reworked during post-production.

Damien Vignaux: Intensive Puzzle

What do you get when several crazy people combine a couple of crazy things under bizarre circumstances in a weird environment? The solution: An impression of the NAKID magazine. Their own members say that the NAKID magazine is always on the lookout for new creative people who are worth being presented to a wider public. And because of this it is not surprising that, sooner or later, they came upon the talented couple Damian Elroy Vignaux and Jacqueline Vignaux aka Damian Vignaux. Damian Vignaux are known for putting a love for detail into their works and especially for creating extraordinary art during post production. This becomes clear again in their picture series Moonlit for the NAKID magazine. The result is an extremely sensual nude shooting that basically shows a woman on the beach. Due to the moonlight, the model is engulfed in a wonderful blue light which caresses her naked body and makes her glow seductively. In order to artfully disguise the obvious, Vignaux use fragments of these photos and put them together in a new way like a puzzle. The resulting collages appear very surreal and perfectly match the NAKID concept.

Denis Ignatov: Lucky Punch

It’s a lucky punch for Denis Ignatov to have taken photos of the former World Heavyweight Champion Vladimir Klitschko before his title defense fight. The result is a well-made campaign for Warsteiner’s non-alcoholic beer. And it was great timing for advertising Klitschko’s body performance program and his matching sports equipment. Through hard work Ignatov established his reputation as a guarantee for high-quality pictures when it comes to advertising products and people. Each of his pictures is notably detailed and sticks out because of the models’ perfect body language. His feeling for brilliant compositions is a feature inherent to all his pictures. It is known that beer producers wish to integrate their non-alcoholic beverages in the area of fitness-products. Pictures like Ignatov’s subtle but concise works might actually convince the viewer that there is a point to this trend. This is what makes for a great photographer.

Sebastian Artz: A Lust for Light and Life 

Sebastian Artz shows the bright side of life. Whether it is family, leisure activities, or work: his photographs always put us in a good mood! But nonetheless, his portraits of modern individualists in settings bathed in light are beautifully authentic. You can tell from his motifs that he also works in film, because during the shootings he often creates little photo stories with captivating narrative elements. Sebastian Artz was born in Romania, but grew up in Dusseldorf. During an exchange program, he ended up in the renowned film department at UCLA in Los Angeles. The city and its world-famous light awakened his love of photography—a passion that quickly earned him money. He has photographed celebrities, for example musicians like Green Day and the Beasty Boys, but he also realized his own projects that are regularly exhibited in art galleries.

Oliver Mark: Boris Becker

People trust Oliver Mark – and by people I do not only mean his clients. Apparently everyone feels like they can just be themselves around Oliver Mark, which is what makes him one of the best people-photographers in the world. The man from Berlin simply traveled to Wimbledon in order to meet Boris Becker for the new magazine Zeit Golfen. Of course Becker, who discovered a passion for golfing after his active tennis career, is a highly coveted motif since he is a man of the public and a real society-guy. The resulting pictures are not surprising but all the more amusing. Each picture shows an obviously relaxed and cheerful Becker, either while teeing off or while striking his winning pose. In every picture you can see his slightly roguish, boyish charm. The result is a very well-made cover and several other great pictures. Oliver Mark managed to prove yet again that he just knows how to win people over.

Mathilde Karrèr: Pinky Rose Lemonade

Pinkyrose, a Dutch label with a flamingo in their logo pride themselves on being the first producer of hand-picked syrups. They engaged the services of Mathilde Karrèr in order to visually live up to that promise. She is the number-one photographer of hand-picked product photography. She basically absorbs the esthetic world of the syrup producer and adds her very own Karrèr-touch. As a result, she created pictures which whet the viewer’s appetite for the product and she definitely dug out some fine tricks here. On the one hand you can instantly recognize Pinkyrose’s thumbprint due to the squeezer and on the other hand the composition of fresh products and the way they are effectively staged emphasize the freshness. In addition to a well-made brand image, the result is a fantastic picture which reminds of a Dutch still life. Karrèr took her chance to playfully create a crazy new still life for Pinkyrose. With a flamingo, of course! In any case, it’s an eyecatcher which stays on your mind.

Fredric Reshew: Sweden Selected

Photographer Fredric Reshew did a fine job for the Swedish lifestyle magazine SWEDEN SELECTED: If you want to put the multifaceted Scandinavian lifestyle in a nutshell, there is no other way than Reshew’s. The internationally renowned fashion and lifestyle photographer just has a way with lighting and colors. The wildly decorated model is perfectly presented in front of a blue background. He tickles this certain northern mysticism out of her. At least that is the impression you get when looking at the seemingly elfish model in the pictures. It doesn’t matter whether she is looking directly at the camera or is dreamily staring into the infinite. Reshew puts the protagonist into a crazy fashion-pastiche that is extremely impressive. Their interplay is more than successful and so is the series for Sweden Selected.

Anders Jungermark: BOLON

For his interior shots par excellence, the Swedish photographer Anders Jungermark is on everyone’s lips. And this is why even the third generation of the Swedish label BOLON counts on him: He gives their firm’s flooring materials the gloss that a modern design needs nowadays. Jungermark’s photographs stand out due to the fact that they radiate with vitality despite being reduced to their objects. The way he plays with light and shadows, with angles and positions of the picture’s elements, gives the respective arrangements plasticity and space for development. Each of the materials he depicts for BOLON instantly opens up to the eye of the beholder and triggers off a desire for haptic experiences. The pictures make you want to take off your shoes and do a little dance over BOLON’s carpets. This must be every carpet producer’s dream!

Rafael Pinho: Portobello Campaign - Fine Porcelain from Brazil

When a portrait photographer is commissioned to shoot a campaign for one of Brazil’s leading porcelain manufacturers it always ends up in a surprise. In a very pleasant one, we must admit! Rafael Pinho chose to show the magicians responsible behind the beautiful items, cherished by millions of Brazilians. His photos capture the craftsmanship that helped this company to become as famous as it is today. We like it and can’t wait to see more of his work in the future.

Florent Petitfrere: Powder Overdose

For the series „Powder Overdose“, Florent Petitfrère gets back to one of his specialties: expressive black-and-white photography. As the title already suggests, the higher stylistic element is powder, which Petitfrère placed in the foreground. So he chose three male models and for each one he created close-ups. The emphasis is placed on their faces. Two of the three models show faces blackened with powder which creates wonderful structures on their skin. The third model, however, looks completely natural and fascinates with his expressive face. Another noticeable point is that two of the three models show similar postures and facial expressions while one looks more candid and playful. In the end, it is the needle-sharp photographs and the powerfully stages portraits which make for the impact of Petitfrère’s work. An impressive work, as is customary of Petitfrère.

Buki Koshoni: Gun Porn

Buki Koshoni is the kind of guy who would just throw two or three jalapeños into his chili. There is no other way to explain the practiced way he understands to combine sharp things with sharp things. Anyway, in his new picture series “Gun Porn”, various wet dreams come true. The formula is simple: a woman with guns. The realization, however, is esthetic in a way that completely contrasts every common redneck blueprint. Koshoni, who can draw from a wealth of experience as filmmaker and fashion-lover, has his finger on the right trigger. His target, a dark-haired beauty wearing lingerie, represents the kind of woman whom you’d rather not betray. At least that’s what the black-and-white pictures communicate: she’s a woman who does not only know how to bring in the big guns but she also knows how to use them. Koshoni’s pictures are fun to look at and they awe with the way the model is made to look seductive and attractive even in a suicide scene, a western homage and, of course, a sexy pose. Luckily, Koshoni is a safe bet for not letting “Gun Porn” look obscene. Sure shot!

Atli Thor Alfredsson: Naked Unnaked

Atli Thor Alfredsson, strikes with his series “Naked/ Unnaked”. He manages to whip up pictures with his camera that graphic designers could not put together with 10 Photoshop layers. But of course, we know that the photographer does not leave anything to coincidence with such a staging. Spells and magic are just as important in the pictures of the Icelandic photographer as his love for depth and hidden secrets. This is exactly what enfolds while looking at this picture series. The half-naked dancers are wrapped in strange fabrics and wear curious accessories. Some of them seem almost demonic, while others seem more like angelic creatures. Alfredsson knows how to play with this contrast and puts a superordinate esthetic above it all. He created powerful but also slightly bizarre and clear pictures that actually leave room for your own interpretation. We wonder what this extraordinary photographer will come up with next.

Sivan Miller: Chaotic City and beautiful girls

Sivan Miller, the self-taught and talented photographer from Cape Town, again proves his gift for giving fashion photography a stunning impact with “Chaotic City”. In Chaos City, we don’t see a big story. We see a young, attractive model who makes her way through a metropolis on high heels and equipped with various fashion accessories. In contrast to the title, however, Miller manages to create a certain air of tranquility in this chaos. His model is a metropolitan gazelle who strolls through the scenery, sometimes looking spry, sometimes looking dreamy. Elegant, seductive and unapproachable. By Miller’s way of depiction, she finds leisure and becomes a muse of a great photographer herself. Even though we have seen similar pictures a dozen times, Miller manages to turn them into real eyecatchers. The poses, the angles, the lighting. Everything is unified by Miller. The extraordinary relationship of the two electrifies the viewer.

Tillmann Franzen: Peeking into St. Petersburg's Eremitage

There is barely a more qualified photographer for documentaries than Tillmann Franzen. This series, which he created in the Eremitage in St. Petersburg, proves it yet again. Franzen goes on a picturesque voyage that feels just as smooth and quiet as an actual visit to the museum. He subtly takes photographs of the people and the objects that fill the museum with life through the lens of an art lover. Each of the resulting pictures turns the viewer into a fly on the wall of one of the world's biggest museums. You get an exclusive look at the work behind the art. And you realize the effort that the people who restore, exhibit and guard the great masters' works put into it. Franzen makes sure to catch the museum's employees in a certain angle and a great lighting, which works out perfectly and which gives each picture a warm glow. A great picture series that really worships the Eremitage and its employees.

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Sets a fantastic scenerie for Oxfam

Oxfam managed to excite Julia Fullerton-Batten about a great project. Now, two strong partners with great ideas become a pair. Julia Fullerton-Batten, who is known for her awesome way of staging and creating small worlds with her pictures, meets a formerly small but growing community that has created a big world of public interest and fair consumerism. The campaign's shooting takes place in one of Oxfam's warehouses. And as if this wasn't enough, the models for the shooting are casted from customers. Very unusual, but a great idea! Fullerton-Batten chooses her props from the extensive stock of Oxfam's repositories which create exciting worlds in combination with the protagonists. The results are six fantastic pictures which show wit, sensitivity and, most of all, their creator’s eye for composition. Fullerton-Batten and Oxfam are a win-win duo.

Denis Rouvre: Shows virtuously the advantages of a Renault - Tailleur

Renault hired the world-famous portrait photographer Denis Rouvre, who is known for his sense of depth and expressive motifs, for a picture series which shows the advantages of a custom-made Renault. Different than usual, we see three masters of their profession: First of all, a florist who is arranging an elaborate flower bouquet, secondly, a patissier who creates desserts of the finest sort with his craftsmanship and, lastly, a stonemason who is working on an extravagant jar. The common denominator between the three is the individuality and the extravagance of their works, which creates a direct connection to the custom-made cars of Renault. Each of Rouvre's pictures is a small, meticulously prepared motif with an incredible force of expression which focuses on the person and their work. The most outstanding features of this picture series are the extraordinary lighting and the intense colors. This beautiful work perfectly matches Denis Rouvre's whole oeuvre.

Johannes Knuth: Holi Youth

Traditions are a great thing. Especially if you forgot what you were celebrating, but the party was awesome. And so it came that parts of an ancient Indian tradition were passed down to our western civilization, the Holi festival's fun and bright colors, which Johannes Knuth dared to join with his camera. The result is a colorful collection of impressions. On the one hand, there are Knuth's well-made snapshots which seem to find a funny moment in each situation and on the other hand there are numerous colorful people who make for great sure-shots. You can feel that Johannes Knuth developed a talent for feeling people and situations, but also for switching over to instantly capture the moment. Anyway, the project picture series of the Holi festival is a nice collection of cheerful people and great festival shots.

Bo Hylén: Shows his love for horses in the new Raiffeisenbank CH campaign

When it comes to photography, nature and engineering are Bo Hylén's hobbyhorses. Thus, we usually get pictures of dynamic new cars depicted in fantastically staged landscapes from him. That's one reason why it is a bit curious that Raiffeisenbank managed to win over Hylén. So this time, we don't get to see cars. But speaking of hobbyhorses…! One might suppose that Bo Hylén has a certain liking for horses, since he already went to the stables for Range Rover. Now horses are again the key motif of the campaign. In order to visualize the slogan: “We are the right investment partner for increasing standards”, Hylén visually presents a comparison of a rocking horse and two real horses in their stables. We get a beautiful close-up of a funny scenario that perfectly communicates Raiffeisenbank's message: If you had small dreams before, you can let them grow up with Raiffeisenbank! What’s more, Bo Hylén proves that no matter the theme, he knows how to rock the horse!