Atli Thor Alfredsson: Naked Unnaked

Atli Thor Alfredsson, strikes with his series “Naked/ Unnaked”. He manages to whip up pictures with his camera that graphic designers could not put together with 10 Photoshop layers. But of course, we know that the photographer does not leave anything to coincidence with such a staging. Spells and magic are just as important in the pictures of the Icelandic photographer as his love for depth and hidden secrets. This is exactly what enfolds while looking at this picture series. The half-naked dancers are wrapped in strange fabrics and wear curious accessories. Some of them seem almost demonic, while others seem more like angelic creatures. Alfredsson knows how to play with this contrast and puts a superordinate esthetic above it all. He created powerful but also slightly bizarre and clear pictures that actually leave room for your own interpretation. We wonder what this extraordinary photographer will come up with next.

Sivan Miller: Chaotic City and beautiful girls

Sivan Miller, the self-taught and talented photographer from Cape Town, again proves his gift for giving fashion photography a stunning impact with “Chaotic City”. In Chaos City, we don’t see a big story. We see a young, attractive model who makes her way through a metropolis on high heels and equipped with various fashion accessories. In contrast to the title, however, Miller manages to create a certain air of tranquility in this chaos. His model is a metropolitan gazelle who strolls through the scenery, sometimes looking spry, sometimes looking dreamy. Elegant, seductive and unapproachable. By Miller’s way of depiction, she finds leisure and becomes a muse of a great photographer herself. Even though we have seen similar pictures a dozen times, Miller manages to turn them into real eyecatchers. The poses, the angles, the lighting. Everything is unified by Miller. The extraordinary relationship of the two electrifies the viewer.

Tillmann Franzen: Peeking into St. Petersburg's Eremitage

There is barely a more qualified photographer for documentaries than Tillmann Franzen. This series, which he created in the Eremitage in St. Petersburg, proves it yet again. Franzen goes on a picturesque voyage that feels just as smooth and quiet as an actual visit to the museum. He subtly takes photographs of the people and the objects that fill the museum with life through the lens of an art lover. Each of the resulting pictures turns the viewer into a fly on the wall of one of the world's biggest museums. You get an exclusive look at the work behind the art. And you realize the effort that the people who restore, exhibit and guard the great masters' works put into it. Franzen makes sure to catch the museum's employees in a certain angle and a great lighting, which works out perfectly and which gives each picture a warm glow. A great picture series that really worships the Eremitage and its employees.

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Sets a fantastic scenerie for Oxfam

Oxfam managed to excite Julia Fullerton-Batten about a great project. Now, two strong partners with great ideas become a pair. Julia Fullerton-Batten, who is known for her awesome way of staging and creating small worlds with her pictures, meets a formerly small but growing community that has created a big world of public interest and fair consumerism. The campaign's shooting takes place in one of Oxfam's warehouses. And as if this wasn't enough, the models for the shooting are casted from customers. Very unusual, but a great idea! Fullerton-Batten chooses her props from the extensive stock of Oxfam's repositories which create exciting worlds in combination with the protagonists. The results are six fantastic pictures which show wit, sensitivity and, most of all, their creator’s eye for composition. Fullerton-Batten and Oxfam are a win-win duo.

Denis Rouvre: Shows virtuously the advantages of a Renault - Tailleur

Renault hired the world-famous portrait photographer Denis Rouvre, who is known for his sense of depth and expressive motifs, for a picture series which shows the advantages of a custom-made Renault. Different than usual, we see three masters of their profession: First of all, a florist who is arranging an elaborate flower bouquet, secondly, a patissier who creates desserts of the finest sort with his craftsmanship and, lastly, a stonemason who is working on an extravagant jar. The common denominator between the three is the individuality and the extravagance of their works, which creates a direct connection to the custom-made cars of Renault. Each of Rouvre's pictures is a small, meticulously prepared motif with an incredible force of expression which focuses on the person and their work. The most outstanding features of this picture series are the extraordinary lighting and the intense colors. This beautiful work perfectly matches Denis Rouvre's whole oeuvre.

Johannes Knuth: Holi Youth

Traditions are a great thing. Especially if you forgot what you were celebrating, but the party was awesome. And so it came that parts of an ancient Indian tradition were passed down to our western civilization, the Holi festival's fun and bright colors, which Johannes Knuth dared to join with his camera. The result is a colorful collection of impressions. On the one hand, there are Knuth's well-made snapshots which seem to find a funny moment in each situation and on the other hand there are numerous colorful people who make for great sure-shots. You can feel that Johannes Knuth developed a talent for feeling people and situations, but also for switching over to instantly capture the moment. Anyway, the project picture series of the Holi festival is a nice collection of cheerful people and great festival shots.

Bo Hylén: Shows his love for horses in the new Raiffeisenbank CH campaign

When it comes to photography, nature and engineering are Bo Hylén's hobbyhorses. Thus, we usually get pictures of dynamic new cars depicted in fantastically staged landscapes from him. That's one reason why it is a bit curious that Raiffeisenbank managed to win over Hylén. So this time, we don't get to see cars. But speaking of hobbyhorses…! One might suppose that Bo Hylén has a certain liking for horses, since he already went to the stables for Range Rover. Now horses are again the key motif of the campaign. In order to visualize the slogan: “We are the right investment partner for increasing standards”, Hylén visually presents a comparison of a rocking horse and two real horses in their stables. We get a beautiful close-up of a funny scenario that perfectly communicates Raiffeisenbank's message: If you had small dreams before, you can let them grow up with Raiffeisenbank! What’s more, Bo Hylén proves that no matter the theme, he knows how to rock the horse!

David Maurer: Mercedes Benz E-Class global Campaign

The fact that Batman was filmed in Chicago because the setting just perfectly shows off the bat and its gadgets, proves that David Maurer will have all the more fun there. Mercedes Benz did everything right and flew Maurer in to present their new E-Class in all its splendor. Just like it is typical for Maurer, he perfectly caught every detail of the car, which was strictly secret at the time. David Maurer makes the car look elegant and sexy in the city, but he knows how to also emphasize the sportive qualities of the car line. In addition, the various interior shots reveal the fancy design and the loving detail. Maurer tops it off with various different effects, playing with the city's multitude of facades, using the reflections to model the vehicle, which definitely perfects the depictions of Mercedes Benz' new masterpiece. Maurer proved once again that he's the right man for the big picture.

Knotan: Mes Dames Lookbook

What happened here? The Swedish fashion label Mes Dames commissioned Knotan for their new Lookbook and the result is a very different and much more moderate aspect of his work. Impressive! Usually Knotan equals anarchy. Models are paired with the most curious scenes and his artistic genius. This time it’s different. The Lookbook he created for Mes Dames is plain but expressive, reduced but effective. All we see is a model wearing pieces from the latest collection of Mes Dames. Knotan manages to tease an effective mix of elegance and grace out of her which perfectly matches his style and the label. The chemistry of interaction between Knotan and the person, or persons, he takes photographs of seems to be just right. This extraordinary atmosphere can be seen again and again in his pictures. The wild Knotan is great but the reduced one also knows how to expertly handle a camera.

Schall & Schnabel: Nimbus

The studio Schall & Schnabel has delivered an impressive picture series for the fashion and beauty magazine „The Storm Magazine“. The combination of various stylistic devices is what turns this series into a must-see. By now, we are used to seeing special motifs from Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn, who are Schall & Schnabel, but this time the two of them really dug out some special techniques. The fashion series mixes analogue and digital photography and perfectly contrasts high-gloss photographs with vintage pictures. The connection between those two is the idea of making special indoor and outdoor photos which depend on the place where they were made. They are connected by the ink that is artfully integrated into the different motifs. The viewer is overwhelmed by the number of motifs that arose from this project and by the way they are assembled. The models and places are splendidly interwoven. At times they are reduced and at times ostentatious, but all of the pictures have a certain magic about them. Each motif has its own story and esthetic which make for Schall and Schnabel’s memorability. This studio produces great ideas and pictures and we can’t wait for what’s yet to come.

Joel Cartier: Burning Man

Are we still on Earth? This is a valid question when looking at the impressive picture series “Burning Man” by Joel Cartier. It’s beyond dispute that the event “Burning Man”, which takes place in the Nevada desert every year, has an other-worldly air. The most bizarre figures meet there for an eight day party-séance and drive around in ostentatious wagons and masquerades. In the past years, a lot of pictures have been made of this event in order to convey the Burning-Man-feeling. But the line between dream and reality is finally blurred when Joel Cartier gets behind the lens. Cartier has a unique talent for great staging. This makes his pictures marvelously transcendent. All the festival’s art seems sublime. The visitors become messengers of a lost world and the festival itself becomes a place which you long for. Cartier plays with close-ups, extreme close-ups and portraits in a way that can only be described as a transfigured reality in a seemingly real place. It is this special mix that turns this picture series into a documentation of an otherworldly journey. A great show!

Oliver Mark: Beuys

Mixing the unusual. Tush magazine, especially the online version, are known for their unusual fusions in the areas of beauty, fashion and trends. They have commissioned Oliver Mark to deliver a picture series which fits their fictive interview with the deceased artist Beuys. As expected, the result of this cooperation is an extraordinary and funny creative chaos, which is harmonious and right to the point on closer inspection. Oliver Mark, who is known like no other for his exclusive and personal portraits, is facing the task of portraying someone who is long deceased. Of course, just like with his numerous other portraits, he succeeded in fulfilling the task and presented a series of Beuys artworks adapted in his own portrait style. Close, but with a certain distance. Affectionate towards an otherwise rigid object, he manages to push forward into a depth in the end into which Beuys viewer also pushes whenever he gets involved with his artwork. Mark managed what he always does: he researches, he analyzes, and he delivers pictures that seem to have developed by coincidence but which unfold their whole impact in the end. This is a great tribute to Beuys and a wonderful picture series for Tush magazine and their creative people.

Mathilde Karrer: To the Point

A summit of elegance. There is no other way to describe the collaboration between Mathilde Karrèr and the German firm Kaweco. Kaweco have been producing high-class writing utensils, which can be recognized by their octagonal design, for more than 125 years. If you want to stay on top even today, you get people with distinctive skills. Karrèr is one of these people. She is a still photographer who has her own handwriting and as such she is the perfect partner for giving the traditional pencil manufacturer the required prominent glow. The picture series she created for Kaweco perfectly mirrors the charm of her still photographs. It consists of draped charts which manage to precisely catch the characters of the Kaweco pencils. Thereby, she uses highly contrasting geometrical backgrounds in order to emphasize the distinctive touch of the pencils. Especially the strong colors which contrast the black pencils catch the viewer’s eye. She has the gift of presenting rigid objects with a certain floating lightness which makes her as a still photographer absolutely essential. The pictures create the impression that writing utensils can be useful in various situations and that they are great partners any time. In any case, this is what Mathilde Karrèr is for Kaweco.

Florent Petitfrere: Carmen

For Florent Petitfrere’s new work, Georges Bizet would probably applaud at least as loud as the whole audience of his opera Carmen! Maybe this work is Florent Petitfrere’s way of bowing his head to the grand master Bizet, who knows? What I do know is that these pictures have been beautifully realized. We have grown accustomed to nothing less by the former model who can now be found behind the camera and who has specialized on scenic, mostly black-and-white pictures. And this is what we see in his work titled “Carmen”, in which the two protagonists reconstruct scenes from the same-named opera in gorgeous garments. At least this is the first impression you get when looking at this passionate couple. On closer examination, you can see Petitfrere’s sense of fashion photography and his feeling for sensual staging. These two features make his pictures utterly unique and turn them into real eye-catchers. This work really makes you curios about the next theme Petitfrere will take up. We can definitely look forward to terrific pictures.

Denis Ignatov: MusasMusas

MusasMusas are a fascinating female duo from Berlin who take their lifestyle and their impressions out into the world from the heart of Germany in their blog. And this blog is just as colorful as the two personalities Albina & Julia are. It is the contrast between the minimalist interface and the contentful posts that bristle with attractive pictures which makes a visit to their blog an absolute must. Of course, the two clever ladies got a top-notch lifestyle photographer to really get it going again this year. I am speaking of no less a figure than Denis Ignatov. Despite his young age, he is extremely experienced and so he went to the capital in order to get swept away by “Musement”. The results are two wonderful picture series and short films which show the girls and their posse while partying on the one hand and while chilling on Berlin’s beautiful rooftops on the other hand. Evidently, authenticity was very important to Ignatov here. None of the pictures seem posed, the people never seem out of place. Everything moves fluently, just like the girls move through their vivid Berlin. Even the pictures that are set up on the rooftops catch cheerful goings-on which perfectly mirror the girls’ vigor and vitality. MusasMusas hit the jackpot with Denis Ignatov, they couldn’t have been luckier.

Buki Koshoni: Everything

Buki Koshoni, the photographer from London, is known for his candor, his slightly provocative streak and his gusto for nude photographs. So the protagonist of his new short film “Everything” is wearing sometimes more and sometimes less clothes again. As Theodor Fontane would say, Everything is a wide subject and it could mean anything in this context. What can be said without a doubt, though, is that Koshoni’s clip is very similar to a home video. It is worth mentioning that this esthetic film shows a girl who is obviously flirting with the camera, but most of all with the person behind it. In her dance with the camera she is seductive and luscious, desirable but also unapproachable to a certain extent. Koshoni is walking a fine line between closeness and distance, between the obvious and the fantastic. We never see everything but we see enough to exalt our imagination. The vintage filter in the film strengthens the impression of watching a bygone romance, the cuts create frenzy in an unreal time. Koshoni created a very appealing video here.1:

Johannes Knuth: Trainspotting

The German photographer Johannes Knuth finds fulfilment not only in Buddhism, but also in creating new and beautiful worlds which he realizes in the form of photographs and films. And we have the honor of convincing ourselves of it again. To his set of pictures called “People”, there has recently been added a picture series called “Trainspotting”, which is definitely fun to look at. According to the motto “preparation is fine but surprise is better”, he created a shooting that just radiates with pure vitality. We see a young couple. She is wearing an innocent white dress and he is wearing comfortable streetwear. Close to the railroad tracks, the two of them are enjoying the sunlight and this nice spot that has been taken back by nature. Looking at these pictures makes you long for the bygone summer and creates a feeling of melancholy. At the same time though, you are keen on watching the model couple who seem to be enjoying themselves. The pictures are vivid and brilliantly staged and every scene overwhelms us with the feeling of freedom. This is the successful work of a photographer who took up the cause of pure joy of life.

Atli Thor Alfredsson - Catches a ballett of magnificent trinkets for Marlene Birger

Atli Thor Alfredsson, a northern light, shines again in his latest work for Marlene Birger’s jewelry collection. Alfredsson became a talking point by following unconventional paths. All of his works have something mystical about them and his pictures, both his minimalistic shots as well as his great scenes, bear a light glint within them which just waits to be discovered. All of this can be seen in his brief presentation of Birger’s jewelry. This spot is extraordinary. It starts with whirling shapes and glistening colors and sounds that instantly captivate the viewer. Though the spot is supposed to present Birger’s jewelry, it looks more like an impressive industrial production in the beginning. Especially the close-ups of the whirling and swinging trinkets look like cogs in a gear. Like they were small machines, each with its own purpose. But Alfredsson goes one step further than just presenting their function and makes the jewelry come to life: The viewer sees a ballet of magnificent trinkets which creates the feeling of having just witnessed something extraordinarily beautiful. An artist who is able to create such a want for more and especially a longing for the product is a real whiz.1:

Sivan Miller: Riding the wave with Billabong

The Australian enterprise Billabong, which is known for making sportswear for surfers, skaters and snowboarders, got Sivan Miller on board for a shooting for the female section “surfcapsule”. Or rather, it got him on the surfboard. Anyway, the self-educated Sivan Miller, who is from Cape Town, seems to be fully in his element and delivers a great shooting with the pro surfer Tanika Hoffman, who is also from South Africa. Tanika Hoffman is not only an awesome surfer, she also cuts a fine figure on the board and she can definitely compete with any model. Lucky Miller. This makes the job a lot of fun! The combination of these elements resulted in a wonderful advertising shot that perfectly showcases Billabong and the surfcapsule suit which Tanika Hoffman is wearing. The sun and the beach are conductive to the effect but Sivan Miller’s eye and his finger on the release is what makes this advertisement for Billabong really successful.

Anders Jungermark: Dreamy Interior Photos

The swedish photographer Anders Jungermark takes pictures you just want to hug. Every single one of his photos has a certain charm about it that you just have to like. So it is not surprising that all photos in his picture series “Interior” are in perfect harmony with each other. No matter what job he took the pictures for, each picture bears the hallmarks of Jungermark. His way of working with light, colors, composition and so much more makes you feel like you truly understand the matter in a way that couldn’t be better. It doesn’t matter whether he makes a series of clean high-definition pictures or whether it’s a series of more coarse, slightly dreamy pictures, they always offer up an invitation. It must surely be a pleasure for the photographer when his pictures are this appealing. And these pictures definitely are.

Joel Micah Miller: Playing it safe for AOK Campaign

We could make a joke about the fact that insurances always play it safe but that wouldn’t do justice to Joel Micah Miller’s talent. It is undeniable that Miller is an extremely gifted advertising photographer. So the AOK insurance company chose exactly the right shooter for their new campaign “Life Balance”. Miller focuses on people on their commute to and from work and contrasts them with slogans about work-life-balance which reflect their needs. For example, there is a well-dressed manager in a gray suit who is perfectly aware of the fact that his employees’ performance suffers if they aren’t healthy. Another ad portrays an attractive young professional woman who needs to take a break from time to time before picking things back up, refreshed and in charge. Lastly, we see an equally attractive young man who needs to recharge his batteries in order to be productive again. All in all, it’s a great package of portraits set in a lively surrounding. They are expertly staged and Miller’s use of contrasts between acuity and blurring emphasizes the impression that everyone matters and is appreciated. Of course, it’s a high-end picture series that is well-edited visually. It’s a successful campaign for AOK and it was a great idea to assign it to Miller.

Schall & Schnabel: Splinters of light

In its work the studio “Schall & Schnabel” processes the world into a kaleidoscope of pixels, skin, hair, and cubist shapes. Schall & Schnabel are chroniclers of continuous change and permanent deconstruction. Everything is always on the move, and visual background noise keeps entering the images, lending the sometimes rigorous compositions a fascinatingly strange aesthetics. In the way they use light and shadow, the works remind us of a combination of Man Ray, psychedelic drugs, and the color spectrum of an extraterrestrial insect. The label “Schall & und Schabel” consists of Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn, whose works have appeared in numerous magazines, including Vision, Material Girl, Blonde, Superior und Woman's Health. The two photographers master a broad spectrum of disciplines: from fashion photography and moving images all the way to installations. Their conceptual strength challenges clients to be creative. Their motto: the more unsual things are, the better!

Florent Petitfrere: Fashionable Demons.

The styled figures in the photographs of French photographer Florent Petitfrere look as if they came straight from the world of Greek mythology. In his cool compositions, elegantly dressed angels meet seductive demons and other demigods. Even though he strives for a reduction to what is visually essential, Petitfrere always succeeds in constructing amazingly emotional stages for his models. He creates dramatic contrasts of light and shadow, almost reminiscent of the Baroque style of Caravaggio. After his international career as a model, Florent Petitfrere grabbed a camera. Ever since that moment, he’s been inspiring the fashion world with his visual dramas. This is how the passionate globetrotter describes his daily routine: “eat/drink/sleep/photography.” He uses his spare time to study books from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as texts on sociology. People wanting to treat him to something special are well advised to take him out to a good Italian restaurant. Having recently lived in New York and Hong Kong, Petitfrere now spends most of his time in Germany.

Mathilde Karrer: Azami Opticians

It is not easy to take still lifes. However, if you are as talented as Mathilde Karrèr, they gain sort of an optical lightness and even a certain playfulness at times. She proved her artistic talent yet again for Azami Optiek, a firm that distributes spectacles of various kinds in the Netherlands. One of her strong suits is the artful way she stages the desired objects. The elegant and well-shaped spectacles are scattered on, above and below surfaces and edges of various colors in a way that emphasizes their contrasts but at the same time they are placed in a perfectly symmetrical way. As a result, each model, each form and each color of the spectacles gets its own unique presentation. In the course of the picture series, the viewer is on the one hand guided and on the other hand left alone with the object’s effects. With Karrèr, Azami opticians have found a brilliant photographer for perfectly staging their spectacles and making them look sexy.

Nick Ballon: Space Agency for Monocle Magazine

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!” Whoever doesn’t know this song can still go on reading because it is obvious that we people have been looking towards the universe for a long time. Anyway, Nick Ballon visited the European Space Agency and watched the people there through his lens for London’s Monocle Magazine. What’s exciting about the picture series he created there is that the viewer doesn’t know whether Nick took pictures of the ESD, or of an art exhibition. This is because the way in which he catches buildings and sculptures remind the viewer of a show for a somewhat spaced exhibition. Ballon plays with the ESD and turns every form and structure into a little installation. When assuming something much more mundane than what the viewer actually gets, the resulting impression is remarkable. In any case, Nick Ballon knows how to expertly stage objects and Monocle gets a unique documentation of the ESD.