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Sunny Lau: In love with Izzy Bizu

NEW ARTIST: Sunny Lau - The perfect moment

For Sunny Lau’s camera, the world is a continuously changing atlas of mystical places. His pictures are passages to mysterious stories just before their climax. This creates a visual tension that is frequently reminiscent of the best moments in film. Whether in the urban canyons of Hong Kong or on a garbage dump – Sunny Lau turns the world into the most interesting place of the universe. Sunny Lau, born in England, initially studied design, but then turned to photography and the moving image. He is interested in the many different cultures that share this planet. He creates photographs that are both cool and personal, with a sometimes rough charm. In his work, he is strongly inspired by his surroundings, by people and trends that he encounters, but also by film. “I love to travel and discover places that are far away from my own background, my own culture, and even from nature. Most of all I love Hong Kong and Japan. For a while I even lived in South-East Asia.” When he’s not taking photographs, he devotes his time to reading and philosophy, where he often gets his ideas for his photographs.