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Anders Jungermark: Juicy

Nobody likes to do a blind bargain. Thus, it is nice to see when companies pay attention and really fill the packing with what’s on the label. And this is exactly what the Swedish company Brämhults does, which produces 100% NFC Juice and bottles it with a serious promise of freshness. The company engaged a fellow countryman in order to communicate this message beyond the packaging: Anders Jungermark. Jungermark’s photography is coined by its liveliness, its esthetic and the fact that it is so invintingly constructed. For Brämhults, he follows a food truck, or in this case rather a juice truck, and catches whatever happens around the juice with his camera. The result is a picture series that convinces the viewer by means of great colors, interesting perspectives and, of course, his talented way with the shutter. Anders Jungermark’s pictures definitely whet the appetite for Brämhults’ products!

Anders Jungermark: BOLON

For his interior shots par excellence, the Swedish photographer Anders Jungermark is on everyone’s lips. And this is why even the third generation of the Swedish label BOLON counts on him: He gives their firm’s flooring materials the gloss that a modern design needs nowadays. Jungermark’s photographs stand out due to the fact that they radiate with vitality despite being reduced to their objects. The way he plays with light and shadows, with angles and positions of the picture’s elements, gives the respective arrangements plasticity and space for development. Each of the materials he depicts for BOLON instantly opens up to the eye of the beholder and triggers off a desire for haptic experiences. The pictures make you want to take off your shoes and do a little dance over BOLON’s carpets. This must be every carpet producer’s dream!

Anders Jungermark: Dreamy Interior Photos

The swedish photographer Anders Jungermark takes pictures you just want to hug. Every single one of his photos has a certain charm about it that you just have to like. So it is not surprising that all photos in his picture series “Interior” are in perfect harmony with each other. No matter what job he took the pictures for, each picture bears the hallmarks of Jungermark. His way of working with light, colors, composition and so much more makes you feel like you truly understand the matter in a way that couldn’t be better. It doesn’t matter whether he makes a series of clean high-definition pictures or whether it’s a series of more coarse, slightly dreamy pictures, they always offer up an invitation. It must surely be a pleasure for the photographer when his pictures are this appealing. And these pictures definitely are.

Anders Jungermark: Holiday Feeling

If you want to be where a picture was taken, the photographer did his work right. This is why the Swedish fashion label De Val can be happy to have engaged the services of Anders Jungermark for their picture series. Jungermark knows how to stage the three models, a young man and two smart ladies, in the different collections in a way that perfectly communicates the label’s image of lightness. The pictures create the idea that the photographer met three friends on vacation in a coastal town and simply took pictures of them. Each portrait, each scenery, and each setting resonates with naturalness. This idea is further underlined by his choice of motifs and effects. These pictures almost create a holiday feeling for the viewer and you are tempted to just pack your suitcase and go to Sweden

Anders Jungermark: New Life for Lifestyle

Anders Jungermark returns life to lifestyle. His world is beautiful, because it isn’t perfect, but full of interesting rough edges. This carries over to his models, who lend the motifs power and expression. In this way, with Jungermark the themes of fashion and lifestyle gain a credibility and authenticity that has almost been lost in recent years. “Family first” is the motto of this Swedish photographer, born in 1972, who with his camera creates a special familial atmosphere. After his studies at the Art College in Gothenburg, he traveled all over the globe, to places like Oslo, Cape Town, Marbella, and then Sweden again. During that time, he engaged in a wide filed of disciplines, among them film, music videos, and production design. These skills are clearly evident in his atmospheric pictures. Jungermark lives with his wife and his two sons, he loves nature, and from time to time he also loves a cool beer.