Anders Jungermark: Juicy

Nobody likes to do a blind bargain. Thus, it is nice to see when companies pay attention and really fill the packing with what’s on the label. And this is exactly what the Swedish company Brämhults does, which produces 100% NFC Juice and bottles it with a serious promise of freshness.

The company engaged a fellow countryman in order to communicate this message beyond the packaging: Anders Jungermark.

Jungermark’s photography is coined by its liveliness, its esthetic and the fact that it is so invintingly constructed.

For Brämhults, he follows a food truck, or in this case rather a juice truck, and catches whatever happens around the juice with his camera.

The result is a picture series that convinces the viewer by means of great colors, interesting perspectives and, of course, his talented way with the shutter.

Anders Jungermark’s pictures definitely whet the appetite for Brämhults’ products!