apricotberlin: Denim campaign for Marc O´Polo in the heart of Berlin

apricotberlin: A perfect day

apricotberlin: Strolling around

apricotberlin: Remembering summer for ESPRIT Heritage

apricotberlin: Red is fun with ESPRIT, Influencer Special

apricotberlin: Beats by Dre, Above the Noise

apricotberlin: Exploring the tropics for REEBOK Classic

apricotberlin: Summer dreaming with NAWA swimwear

apricotberlin: Bringing back the summer with Channel Island Surfboards

apricotberlin: Down to earth - New motifs for American Apparel

The esthetics of American Apparel’s promotional pictures have always been a controversial subject: maybe they’re too revealing, too indecent, too sexist. There definitely was enough negative press. All this, however, cannot be said about the picture series by the two photographers Jessica Schwarz and Tiago da Silva, aka apricotberlin. Connected to American Apparel’s esthetics on the one hand, they also add a breath of fresh air on the other hand. The duo, who has been working for various prestigious clients under the name of apricotberlin since 2015, has a knack for snapshots. Perfect snapshots. The viewer is on eye level with the model who enjoys a day on a beautiful beach somewhere in the world and this creates a feeling of closeness and intimacy. Feelings on which the brand has depended since the year one. Of course, there will always be critics but hopefully, the people who enjoy apricotberlin’s great work are the majority.

NEW ARTIST - apricotberlin: From Berlin with Love.

Apricotberlin’s motifs are reminiscent of the pictorial worlds of social media, the visual universes of instagram and snapchat. The duo—Jessica Schwarz and Tiago da Silva—stages short, immersive moments that are sometimes almost melancholic and contemplative, but always poetic and sexy. They have an extraordinary skill in casting. Their models are contemporary icons, simultaneously likable and distanced. Berlin-based artists Jessica Schwarz and Tiago da Silva originate from completely different worlds. Schwarz initially studied business administration, but even then was always looking for a way to express her creative talents. The proudly self-taught Da Silva has roots in textile design. After both discovered photography as their medium, they’ve been devoting all their passion to it, but still find time for extended excursions through Berlin.