Bo Hylén: Shows his love for horses in the new Raiffeisenbank CH campaign

When it comes to photography, nature and engineering are Bo Hylén’s hobbyhorses. Thus, we usually get pictures of dynamic new cars depicted in fantastically staged landscapes from him. That’s one reason why it is a bit curious that Raiffeisenbank managed to win over Hylén. So this time, we don’t get to see cars. But speaking of hobbyhorses…!

One might suppose that Bo Hylén has a certain liking for horses, since he already went to the stables for Range Rover. Now horses are again the key motif of the campaign.

In order to visualize the slogan: “We are the right investment partner for increasing standards”, Hylén visually presents a comparison of a rocking horse and two real horses in their stables.

We get a beautiful close-up of a funny scenario that perfectly communicates Raiffeisenbank’s message: If you had small dreams before, you can let them grow up with Raiffeisenbank!

What’s more, Bo Hylén proves that no matter the theme, he knows how to rock the horse!