Bo Hylén: Range Rover

Ever since the last Maserati campaign, it is obvious that there is someone who can stage cars so spectacularly that it makes you fall in love with them. Correct. James Bond. No, wait. Of course, we are talking about Bo Hylén.
So it would be wrong to get anybody else than the H.P. monster’s shooting star for the new Range Rover.
This time, Bo Hylén takes his model couple to the countryside. More specifically, to a horse farm. This direct comparison with horse power is the perfect way to stage the cross country vehicle’s amenities in combination with its elegance and grace.
Of course, the Range Rover is always in control of the situation. Bo Hylén knows exactly how to emphasize the idyll the couple is enjoying while planning their free time with their car. The similarities with the purebred black horse are not only self-evident. On the manufacturer’s homepage, you can read that this car comes from a unique car family.
As you can see. Bo Hylén did everything right again with his feeling for wheels. Kudos!