Buki Koshoni: A Gentlemans Life with Milk For Tea

Buki Koshoni: Million Dollar Winnetou for H&M

You can’t help but get the impression that Buki Koshoni did an Eastwood marathon before his shooting for H&M and got the inspiration for his protagonist from anything between Western films and Million Dollar Baby. The wildly made-up, very sporty woman, who is definitely seeking a quarrel, gives free reign to her energy. The resulting video and the accompanying pictures are characteristic for Koshoni. Bursting with vigor, wild, loud, but above all, they’re eyecatchers. Koshoni’s seems to have a talent in general for surprising the viewer with his pictures and there is barely anyone else who manages to do this as brilliantly as him. If you want to hit the bull’s eye, you call Koshoni. And this seems to be getting about. All the better for us, since this way we get to enjoy such great pictures like those for H&M again. Of course, Koshoni definitely aims for the right target group. It is hard to imagine that there is a young woman out there who doesn’t want to be this bundle of energy in the pictures. At least from time to time.2:

Buki Koshoni: Gun Porn

Buki Koshoni is the kind of guy who would just throw two or three jalapeños into his chili. There is no other way to explain the practiced way he understands to combine sharp things with sharp things. Anyway, in his new picture series “Gun Porn”, various wet dreams come true. The formula is simple: a woman with guns. The realization, however, is esthetic in a way that completely contrasts every common redneck blueprint. Koshoni, who can draw from a wealth of experience as filmmaker and fashion-lover, has his finger on the right trigger. His target, a dark-haired beauty wearing lingerie, represents the kind of woman whom you’d rather not betray. At least that’s what the black-and-white pictures communicate: she’s a woman who does not only know how to bring in the big guns but she also knows how to use them. Koshoni’s pictures are fun to look at and they awe with the way the model is made to look seductive and attractive even in a suicide scene, a western homage and, of course, a sexy pose. Luckily, Koshoni is a safe bet for not letting “Gun Porn” look obscene. Sure shot!

Buki Koshoni: Everything

Buki Koshoni, the photographer from London, is known for his candor, his slightly provocative streak and his gusto for nude photographs. So the protagonist of his new short film “Everything” is wearing sometimes more and sometimes less clothes again. As Theodor Fontane would say, Everything is a wide subject and it could mean anything in this context. What can be said without a doubt, though, is that Koshoni’s clip is very similar to a home video. It is worth mentioning that this esthetic film shows a girl who is obviously flirting with the camera, but most of all with the person behind it. In her dance with the camera she is seductive and luscious, desirable but also unapproachable to a certain extent. Koshoni is walking a fine line between closeness and distance, between the obvious and the fantastic. We never see everything but we see enough to exalt our imagination. The vintage filter in the film strengthens the impression of watching a bygone romance, the cuts create frenzy in an unreal time. Koshoni created a very appealing video here.1:

Buki Koshoni: Hot Pants

With Buki Koshoni, the beachwear-label ÒKUN found the right photographer to present their fashion, which is marked by African prints, to the world. Buki Koshoni’s style is characterized by a distinct sensitivity, which can stretch people to the limit. He loves to catch the motif’s personality while playing all his cards with his love for details. He tends to combine physical aesthetics with sex appeal and this tendency turns him into the go-to guy for fashion photography. For ÒKUN’s new beachwear collection, Buki travels to a holiday paradise with a well-built southern-looking guy. The picture series that resulted from this trip is a lot more than just ordinary beachwear photography because it really tells a story. Koshoni takes us on a journey with his model, who cuts a fine figure in ÒKUN’s bathing trunks in every situation and he manages to transport a joy of living and energy. In every caption, we are extremely close to the model and we can almost taste the holidays and begin to wonder: why weren’t we there too? With Buki Koshoni, ÒKUN makes their fashion look lively, young and trendy because Koshoni’s pictures are completely in line with contemporary photography.

Buki Koshoni: Fashion & Cinema

Buki Koshoni sees his motifs with a film director’s eye, and that is precisely what makes him such an exciting photographer. He stages cool fashion stories with a complex, condensed atmosphere and presents both fashion and bodies in an almost sculptural way, without however making them seem artificial. Through this approach, even apparently serene motifs achieve a mysterious, sensual quality. Koshoni, who has traveled half the world with his family, studied at the University of Luton. He also holds a Certificate in Art Directing from renowned Central Saint Martins in London. Originally more inclined towards film, he developed over the course of his career a special love for photography, and today he changes playfully between the disciplines. He lives in London with his wife. In the end we are very proud to announce that Buki is a Gosee Award Gold Winner in 2015.