David Maurer & Joel Micah Miller: Twoface

The new project of David Maurer and Joel Micah Miller might be inspired by a Batman movie. For the cleaning company Kärcher, they have come up with a witty concept that seems to be reminiscent of the supervillain Twoface.
Their goal was to prove the efficiency of Kärcher’s new cleaning machine in mobile application, which can remove even the most resistant soil.
Both photographers chose to combine their before and after pictures in a kind of mirror image.
David Maurer’s motif is a Mercedes. On one side of his picture the car is shown in front of a construction site and it is extremely dirty, while the other side of the picture shows the same car standing in front of the finished building, shining in new splendor. It is especially funny to watch him clean the rest of the car with Kärcher’s machine in his second picture.
Joel Micah Miller also chose to portray a car, a BMW, depicted in a birds-eye perspective in a simulated car workshop. Here, he also contrasts the before and after pictures in a mirror image, which reconstructs the work progress and shows how clean the workplace can get with Kärcher’s machine.
Both projects are brilliantly realized and the result is an exceptional poster child for Kärcher.