Damien Vignaux: Intensive Puzzle for NAKID

What do you get when several crazy people combine a couple of crazy things under bizarre circumstances in a weird environment? The solution: An impression of the NAKID magazine.

Their own members say that the NAKID magazine is always on the lookout for new creative people who are worth being presented to a wider public. And because of this it is not surprising that, sooner or later, they came upon the talented couple Damian Elroy Vignaux and Jacqueline Vignaux aka Damian Vignaux.

Damian Vignaux are known for putting a love for detail into their works and especially for creating extraordinary art during post production. This becomes clear again in their picture series Moonlit for the NAKID magazine.

The result is an extremely sensual nude shooting that basically shows a woman on the beach. Due to the moonlight, the model is engulfed in a wonderful blue light which caresses her naked body and makes her glow seductively. In order to artfully disguise the obvious, Vignaux use fragments of these photos and put them together in a new way like a puzzle. The resulting collages appear very surreal and perfectly match the NAKID concept.