Damien Vignaux: Landscape

Since restlessness can even get to you during fall, and at times you just want to take a walk to clear your head, you only have one choice. You’ve got to put on some heavy clothes. Tim Labenda, who titled his fall/winter collection “Wanderlust”, also wants the people who wear his clothes to be fashionable. For the right visual execution he commissioned Damien Vignaux to transport his vision.
Damien does not only continue Tim’s theme by calling his film “Landscape”, he also adds a very own artistic note to the scenes.
Already right from the beginning of the film he is fully in theme. It starts with a tracking shot through industrial architecture in which he follows the lines and geometry of the buildings in a way that lets the static elements be interrupted by clear surfaces, just like Labendas’ style does. This becomes especially clear at the end of the tracking shot, when he captures a woman behind a column. She is wearing a white suit which seems to be a geometrical piece of art. Visually, Damien works with distortions, disturbances and proportional imbalance, which can also be found in Labendas’ fashion.
Music, poetry, filmic art and fashion blend and in the end there is the sentence: “Time is a great architect”, which adds a certain grandeur.
Labenda, who takes his inspiration from everyday life and considers his fashion to be in a state of flux, must be delighted by Damien Vignaux’s visual execution.