David Maurer: Mercedes Benz E-Class global Campaign

The fact that Batman was filmed in Chicago because the setting just perfectly shows off the bat and its gadgets, proves that David Maurer will have all the more fun there.

Mercedes Benz did everything right and flew Maurer in to present their new E-Class in all its splendor.

Just like it is typical for Maurer, he perfectly caught every detail of the car, which was strictly secret at the time.

David Maurer makes the car look elegant and sexy in the city, but he knows how to also emphasize the sportive qualities of the car line. In addition, the various interior shots reveal the fancy design and the loving detail.

Maurer tops it off with various different effects, playing with the city’s multitude of facades, using the reflections to model the vehicle, which definitely perfects the depictions of Mercedes Benz’ new masterpiece.

Maurer proved once again that he’s the right man for the big picture.