David Maurer: Porsche Service

To hit the mark, is the first rule of every shooter.
In the case of the collaboration between David Maurer and Porsche
one can say that David hit the Bull’s-eye.
And so, thanks to Maurer the new Macan GTS gets his big moment of fame.
In the global campaign for Porsche which was shot over three weeks in different cities,
the car glides elegantly through all the streets and past various localities.
Here, Maurer has taken advantage of the intense lights in the cities to set the focus on the real star, the Macan. In full speed, everything blurs around the car and one can feel that nothing is able stop the new Porsche. Like a painter who plays with colors and lights, Maurer sets a mood so that the new design definitely won’t go unappreciated.
After seeing this photos, a car fan or a inveterate Porsche lover won’t have another option than to fall in love with the Macan GTS.
There is nothing remained to say except: Bull’s-eye straight into our eyes and hearts!