David Maurer: ŠKODA Yeti campaign in Prague

David Maurer, was off to Prague this time, to shoot a Yeti. What’s a Yeti doing in Prague you might ask? Being highly experienced shooting car campaigns, David was commissioned to create the latest Skoda Yeti campaign. This neat 4×4 which has won many awards, is all about finding that perfect balance between city life and off-road adventure – for those who want it all in one – and Prague proved itself to be an ideal backdrop for this dual concept, in terms of its relatively unrecognisable aesthetic, its proximity to beautiful untouched landscapes and from a production point of view. With his technical finesse, David blended the two together creating an entirely new landscape – quite a feat when you have to consider all these elements such as horizons, angles, lighting, shadows, reflections and what not… And he makes it look so easy!