David Maurer: VW Amarok

With the VW Amarok, driving enjoyment in all kinds of situations is guaranteed. The highly resilient and sporty car offers the possibility to not only drive down unknown roads, but also to discover pure wilderness and to tame rough natural forces.
How do you present such an all-rounder with all its qualities? David Maurer depicts his shiny protagonist in the most diverse settings in order to capture and portray its versatility. The bumpy, rocky desert does not provide any obstacles for this car and the dustclouds make you realize how fast the car races across this rough terrain.
The all-rounder also cuts a fine figure on the road, with the glistening sunlight behind its back on its way to new adventures. With his unique talent for perfectly integrating the object into the most unusual settings, Maurer manages to mirror the car’s versatility in the diverse scenery of his pictures. These pictures are worth a thousand commercials!