Denis Ignatov: Black Magic

Esoteric people attribute magic powers to certain objects. In photography, one could argue that some people have the gift of enticing that magic from those objects, like Denis Ignatov.
People who follow Denis’ works have probably noticed that he has a special intuition for staging people and giving their character a certain refinement. Naturally, he manages to equally fascinate the viewer with his product photography.
He has proven this yet again with his latest work for Dominique Labordery, a jewelry designer whose website exclusively features photographs by Ignatov. His Leitmotif seems to be one of simple elegance which helps him to create a clandestine pictorial language. As a result, there is Dominique’s cubistic jewelry, which consists of wearable objects as well as objects of exhibition that can be admired in museums on the one hand, and Denis’ interpretation of her artistry into an impressive exhibition of her works on the other hand.
At the same time he perfectly manages to adapt the materials for a classic background and highlights the objects’ forms with perfect lighting and the right angle. The resulting effect is that there are no distractions for the viewer and that the fascination stems from the objects’ own essence.
Despite the fact that this is not esoteric jewelry, Ignatov manages to give them a certain magic aura.