Denis Ignatov: Booster – Canned Power

When the weights have no indication of kg, the air is stuffy and smells of worn leather gloves and rivers of sweat flow from your body through the whole room, then it is clear that you don’t have an ordinary fitness subscription.
Denis Ignatov brilliantly stages the aspiring energy drink BOOSTER by turning it into what it is: an energy drink for the Middle East. A drink for fighters, for a target group that consists of men who still need to be men. The guys who used to drool over posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris now get their power for the gym from a can.
Booster hasn’t reinvented the energy drink but this one is halal, which means it is free from animal products that do not conform to Muslim values.
Here, the southern protagonist contentedly knocks his exhausted body back into shape with Booster after wrestling through the whole gym.
And by staging it like this, Ignatov proves that he is also a booster for this product himself.