Denis Ignatov: MusasMusas

MusasMusas are a fascinating female duo from Berlin who take their lifestyle and their impressions out into the world from the heart of Germany in their blog. And this blog is just as colorful as the two personalities Albina & Julia are. It is the contrast between the minimalist interface and the contentful posts that bristle with attractive pictures which makes a visit to their blog an absolute must. Of course, the two clever ladies got a top-notch lifestyle photographer to really get it going again this year.

I am speaking of no less a figure than Denis Ignatov. Despite his young age, he is extremely experienced and so he went to the capital in order to get swept away by “Musement”.

The results are two wonderful picture series and short films which show the girls and their posse while partying on the one hand and while chilling on Berlin’s beautiful rooftops on the other hand.

Evidently, authenticity was very important to Ignatov here. None of the pictures seem posed, the people never seem out of place. Everything moves fluently, just like the girls move through their vivid Berlin. Even the pictures that are set up on the rooftops catch cheerful goings-on which perfectly mirror the girls’ vigor and vitality.

MusasMusas hit the jackpot with Denis Ignatov, they couldn’t have been luckier.