Denis Ignatov: splash!

With his stylistically appealing portraits and his refined pictorial language, Denis Ignatov quickly won over the German rap-scene.
Therefore, it is not surprising that Ignatov took pictures of the “splash!”, an open air hip-hop festival that is famous around here.
There he did not only take numerous great people pics and crowd pics. He also met old acquaintances and, of course, he did not hesitate to stage them skillfully.
From Cro to Materia, from Money Bob to Afrob, every rapper of whom Ignatov takes pictures is shining in familiar, or even in new splendor.
It is especially great to see that Ignatov also captures architecture, or rather that his lens misses nothing, neither the impressive steel constructions of a stage, nor the beautiful landscape in which the open air festival takes place.
Denis Ignatov’s pictures make you want to visit the festival next year and in the end that’s what they’re about!