Denis Ignatov: WELLA Trends 2013

Wella and Denis Ignatov had set themselves a rather elaborate task when shooting the newest lookbook of hairstyle trends for 2013. The trends first had to be developed in collaboration with Wella’s top hairstylists, for Denis and the agency to then work on the creative concept together, for each new trend. From cut to colour, tone to texture, everything has been considered, even style variations per trend and the set design to go with it. There’s Echo, the edgy yet minimal statement trend which is quite short and sharp for those too cool for school; Decibel, the short or long cut with plum highlights that can appear soft and feminine or be styled up for that night out to a rock concert; Allegra, the classic elegant look which can be fiery at the same time – Which dress darling? Just go as you are! – and last but not least Fusion, the Asian inspired bobbed cut, with gorgeous blends of fuchsia and smokey colours. Shot in Düsseldorf, with 7 stylists on the go, and 9 models to pamper to, Denis wrapped it all up professionally to set the Wella trends for 2013 with his immaculate attention to detail and his perfect glossy finish. Can I have a make-over, too, please..?!