Denis Rouvre: Denis stages employee portraits for Pernod Ricard as Kandinsky paintings

Staff photos are often formal and strained, but global drinks giant PERNOD RICARD decided to break with tradition and treated its staff to a bold and daring photo shoot with portrait photographer Denis Rouvre.

Entitled ‘Blast’, Rouvre encouraged employees to unleash the full force of their personality so that each portrait reflects a ‘moment of freedom, a hymn to individuality’. With the help of painter David Nal-Vad and stylist Ricardo Martinez Paz, he was able to theatrically enhance each employee’s character traits using bright blasts of colour, splashes of abstract shapes, flamboyant costumes and an endless amount of wondrous props.

Like a Kandinsky painting, Rouvre’s portraits capture that what springs from the soul. The Pernod staff portraits have surpassed their intended use and are currently on show at Bailly Contemporary Art Gallery.