Denis Rouvre: Des Français

Denis Rouve, who lives in France, is a worldwide renowned portrait photographer. His pictures can be found in numerous prestigious publications and the prizes he has won make his vita truly impressive. The reason for this is probably his powerful pictorial language, which on the one hand always seems to entail something mysterious but which is open and unadulterated on the other hand. As a consequence, it is not important whether Rouvre takes pictures of famous people or of the guy next door. All his models seem to be put on the same level by his pictures.
This is what makes his latest project, which is titled “Des Français”, so exciting. Rouvre traveled to remote areas of France in order to find what French is, or to find traces of the French roots of people he met on the way. He gives them a voice in their pictures in order to catch the deepest moments in his pictures.
He manages to give every person he takes pictures of an air of renaissance reminiscence by use of the black background and the poses he puts them in, no matter what ethnic background, gender or age they are. The pictures are intense and expressive. Most of all, he manages to catch the people’s whole personalities and all their charm for us.
Rouvre himself says that the bright looks he got had a hidden intensity which made him visualize his own identity and maybe even mirrored it. It is not only us who learn something about the people and their lives, Rouvre also seems to have caught something very special for him.