Denis Rouvre: ‘Eden’ – sculptural choreography and nude portraits

Denis ROUVRE’s personal work has always evolved around his fascination with the human character. This time he turns his attention to another form of purity, that of the human body and the expression of its sexual desires.
He was inspired by a poem entitled ‘Eden’, which describes a hedonistic state of Eden where we are freed of any form of judgment or taboos, where our naked bodies are weightless, and there’s not really much else to do other than shamelessly make love all day long (we’re guessing this was before Eve got peckish and fancied a bit of sinful fresh fruit).
In this new project, Rouvre invited people of all shapes, shades, and sizes, to let go of all inhibitions within ephemerally lit glasslike cubes. Although the actual space is physically limiting, the sexual fantasies often seem to defy gravity and take place in a boundless and heavenly space that conjures up the sense of freedom one might have if not weighed down by any form of moral or aesthetic judgement.
The sculptural choreography of the intertwined bodies reminds us, as does the poem, that there is a universal beauty in the physical essence of love making, regardless of our appearance. With the help of those brave enough to step in front of his lens, Denis Rouvre tells us of an Eden where sex is instinctively beautiful, and something to be celebrated in its purest of forms.