Denis Rouvre: Gravure de Sport - Athletes from another perspective

Denis ROUVRE is publishing a book featuring his ‘Gravure de Sport’ portraits (2008) of French athletes right before the Olympic Games in Beijing. The striking portraits show the statuesque athletes removed from their usual athletic context and focuses on the individuals instead.
Not restraining his proven talent for playfulness, Rouvre finds something in the personality of each individual athlete and emphasises it to the extreme – a gown for the elegant badminton player, a pimp-outfit for the eye-catching javelin thrower, a James Bond post for the pistol marksman…
Yet, even these unusual motifs cannot mask the confidence, pride and determination of the top athletes in every picture. Their whole life is dedicated to one single moment and all the faces are painted in the hope of victory. Through Rouvre’s eyes, we can glance behind the façades of the modern gladiators and catch a fleeting impression of their personalities.