Denis Rouvre: Photographic essay 'The Mid Road'

Denis ROUVRE put together a photographic essay of his travels through the towns that dot America’s once famed Route 66, entitled ‘The Mid Road’. It paints an unsettling image of the people left behind by the commercialisation and prostitution of the American Dream.
Again and again, Rouvre contrasts flashy advertisements with the downcast expressions of the locals and the overcast skies above. These are places that have been passed by, and you can’t help but feel pessimistic for the future of the rest of America. And yet, in every scene, there is a sense of the underlying toughness of these people.
The only relatively optimistic shot is of a newly married couple in a parking lot at night-time – they seem unsure of what lies ahead but at least they have each other. For these folks, life goes on.