Denis Rouvre: Shows virtuously the advantages of a Renault - Tailleur

Renault hired the world-famous portrait photographer Denis Rouvre, who is known for his sense of depth and expressive motifs, for a picture series which shows the advantages of a custom-made Renault.

Different than usual, we see three masters of their profession: First of all, a florist who is arranging an elaborate flower bouquet, secondly, a patissier who creates desserts of the finest sort with his craftsmanship and, lastly, a stonemason who is working on an extravagant jar.

The common denominator between the three is the individuality and the extravagance of their works, which creates a direct connection to the custom-made cars of Renault.

Each of Rouvre’s pictures is a small, meticulously prepared motif with an incredible force of expression which focuses on the person and their work. The most outstanding features of this picture series are the extraordinary lighting and the intense colors.

This beautiful work perfectly matches Denis Rouvre’s whole oeuvre.