Denis Rouvre: Sumo Wrestlers – enveloped in light and shadows

Cate Blanchet, Wim Wenders and Tim Robbins – in Denis ROUVRE’s images inapproachable stars become people you can relate to. Therefore it shouldn’t be too hard to elicit similar character traits from Japanese sumo wrestlers. At least that’s what he thought when he flew to the photo shoot in Japan. But whatever he tried, the result was always the same: the sumo wrestlers looked into the camera with the same stoic expression every time. Dennis was disappointed, as he had tried to look beyond their tough exterior into the fighters’ souls. __
But of course he succeeded in the end. Denis changed tactics and simply captured sumo wrestlers immediately after their training. Sweaty and dirty, their bodies still bearing the marks from their strenuous fights. The results are emotionally and visually impressive portraits. They are enveloped in light and shadows and we can finally see what those big boned sumo wrestlers really are: passionate athletes.