Denis Rouvre: LeClerc campain with a spark

If you get the feeling that you know a stranger very well and that you know a lot about him just by looking at a photograph, you are probably looking at the work of an extremely talented portrait photographer.

Denis Rouvre, who created an image campaign for the French supermarket chain LeClerc, is a photographer like that.

This series is supposed to put the regional suppliers and their products at the heart of the campaign and presents each one of them. It seems to be very important to the company to create a relationship between the customer and the producer. Luckily, they hired Denis Rouvre: Hardly any photographer knows as well as him how to find this certain chemistry.

Rouvre’s pictures seem to depict the essence of a person. And in this case, we really mean the essence in its deeper meaning. Rouvre manages to create an environment and a spark that just electrifies the viewer by means of sharp contrasts, special coloring and the positioning of the subjects. And he manages this in every single photograph. Just like the people he depicts, Rouvre is a man who knows his ropes.