Florent Petitfrère: Esquire

Being a former model, Florent Petitfrère knows the tricks of fashion editorial. But knowing these tricks does not necessarily make someone a good photographer.

Luckily, it does in Florent Petitfrère’s case. Fashion magazines from all over the world publish his pictures with the greatest pleasure. They all carry his unique thumbprint.

Petitfrère loves black-and-white photography and knows how to stage pictures in an unusual light.

This makes his picture series for Esquire Magazine even more unusual, because he actually dared to let color into his pictures this time.

The result is a picture series that puts the model and his own pictorial language right in the spotlight.

The actors look stiff and frozen but they are surrounded with warm colors. The contrasts and the soft focus surrounding them lend them a degree of three-dimensionality. The looks on their faces reveal a certain prudence, or thoughtfulness, which gives these wonderful pictures their own unique atmosphere.