Florent Petitfrere: Carmen

For Florent Petitfrere’s new work, Georges Bizet would probably applaud at least as loud as the whole audience of his opera Carmen!

Maybe this work is Florent Petitfrere’s way of bowing his head to the grand master Bizet, who knows? What I do know is that these pictures have been beautifully realized.

We have grown accustomed to nothing less by the former model who can now be found behind the camera and who has specialized on scenic, mostly black-and-white pictures.

And this is what we see in his work titled “Carmen”, in which the two protagonists reconstruct scenes from the same-named opera in gorgeous garments. At least this is the first impression you get when looking at this passionate couple.

On closer examination, you can see Petitfrere’s sense of fashion photography and his feeling for sensual staging. These two features make his pictures utterly unique and turn them into real eye-catchers.

This work really makes you curios about the next theme Petitfrere will take up. We can definitely look forward to terrific pictures.