Florent Petitfrère: Gun

The fashion magazine “Gun“ sees itself as an art and fashion magazine and not as an arms lobbyist. So it’s not surprising that they requested Florent Petitfrère for an editorial series!

If you are surprised, be sure that Florent delivers a perfect mix of all his former works. Again he completely satisfies the viewer in various ways, despite the fact that this series is less reduced to his specialty, black-and-white-photography.

His pictures, which depict a wonderfully chosen male model, are absolutely to the point. His use of black-and-white pictures, as well as colored pictures, definitely deserves the title “art”.

All these pictures are not only taken brilliantly, they are also post-processed in a very distinctive way. Petitfrère creates a collage of various levels, plays with perspectival distortions and a lot more. What really distinguishes him, though, is his eye for the big picture: The picture within the picture which does not only depict fashion but which also creates a certain commitment for and appreciation of it.

Petitfrère makes something of his talent and is as enchanting as ever.