Florent Petitfrere: Powder Overdose

For the series „Powder Overdose“, Florent Petitfrère gets back to one of his specialties: expressive black-and-white photography.

As the title already suggests, the higher stylistic element is powder, which Petitfrère placed in the foreground.

So he chose three male models and for each one he created close-ups. The emphasis is placed on their faces.

Two of the three models show faces blackened with powder which creates wonderful structures on their skin. The third model, however, looks completely natural and fascinates with his expressive face. Another noticeable point is that two of the three models show similar postures and facial expressions while one looks more candid and playful.

In the end, it is the needle-sharp photographs and the powerfully stages portraits which make for the impact of Petitfrère’s work.

An impressive work, as is customary of Petitfrère.