Jehle Will: Chairmen at work

JehleWill: Always at home with Carado motorhomes

The people of Ravensburg must be a funny lot. The city is not only the origin of one of the most renowned manufacturers of table games, but also of two great photographers who deliver exciting pictures under the name of Jehle Will. For those two creative geniuses Benjamin Jehle and Steffen Will, no motif seems to be too simple to find something unique and special about it. So it is not surprising that a topic as plain and dry as a shooting for motorhomes can suddenly become a very aesthetic eyecatcher for Carado, the motorhome and caravan manufacturer. But that’s not the end of it. Due to the skill of the artists the two protagonists, a couple in their prime of life, gain a dynamic, friendly and playful air in front of the camera. Thanks to Jehle Will, the light flooded caravan becomes a camping oasis and the whole appearance of the pictures can definitely compete with popular campaigns for vehicle bodies. You can feel that a young and extremely promising duo was at work here and it makes you curious about what will come next.

JehleWill: Seeing More Together

JehleWill are Steffen Will and Benjamin Jehle, who joined to form a creative collective. Their precisely constructed portraits and documentations place men and women at the center of a complex world. In their photographs, we get very close to the protagonists, whether they are in the middle of a beautiful landscape or in an industrial environment. The duo succeeds with an aesthetic that is both dynamic and friendly. Jehle and Will have known each other since they were students at photography school. After graduating, they traveled together extensively, and on their journeys developed a shared view of the world. Their close cooperation benefits both the shootings as well as the finished photograph. One of the partners looks at the motif with the eye of a advertising photographer, while the other one sees it as a portrait photographer. In this way, cool photographs with an incredible scenic concentration are produced in their studio.

JehleWill: Visit at the Infinion Lab - Is this an Alien Laboratory?

Steffen and Ben didn’t know what was coming when they were commissioned by Infinion to take photos of their so-called “cleanroom”. The company, which is located in Germany, provides semiconductor- and system solutions, focusing on three central needs of our modern society: energy efficiency, mobility, and security. When the two assiduous photographers arrived at the premises, they were politely asked to dress up. What followed was that they had to jump into two funny-looking suits. “We felt like two astronauts preparing for space” was the statement we got. Almost correct, but not quite. Since the technology produced is so delicate, the environment has to be completely sterile to avoid any construction damage. That’s why everyone who wants to step into the cleanroom has to dress up in these special suits. If you ask me, it looks more like an alien laboratory. But that’s how the photos become even more intriguing than they already are. If Ben and Steffen go missing you know where to look first.

JehleWill: Interior shooting for Ravensburger Museum

Ravensburg is not only known for board games but also for their famous Art Museum. The "Kunstmuseum Ravensburg" was designed by the famous architecture bureau Lederer + Ragnarsdóttir + Oei. The bureau from Prof. Arno Lederer, Jórunn Ragnarsdóttir and Marc Oei is one of the most prestigious in Germany. According to the motto "The city comes before, the houses", the Stuttgart based architects have incorporated the historical appearance of the building into their work. Unfortunately Ben and Steffen where only commissioned to portrait the interior of this beautiful building. But it's not to big of a loss due to the fact that the interior is as fascinating as the outside. And JehleWill where the perfect duo to capture it.