Joel Cartier: New work for Police

In our age, an age where every other person is trying to become the next influencer by means of smartphones and social media channels, being a creative pioneer has become an art again. One of the photographers who knows how to stay at the top is Joel Cartier. And he has proven it yet again for the brand Police. For Police’s accessories, he managed to create a perfect staging and a great color interplay in each single picture. Despite the fact that you might get the impression that an amateur has taken inspiration from his secret heroes, pros like Joel Cartier stay unparalleled in their quality. Cartier gives Police’s sturdy- looking products a distinctive industrial charm which makes them look very weighty. At least the composition does not convey the idea of presenting simple elegance. These still lifes perfectly transport the character of a status symbol. Joel Cartier managed again to excellently present the Police character.

Joel Cartier: Burning Man

Are we still on Earth? This is a valid question when looking at the impressive picture series “Burning Man” by Joel Cartier. It’s beyond dispute that the event “Burning Man”, which takes place in the Nevada desert every year, has an other-worldly air. The most bizarre figures meet there for an eight day party-séance and drive around in ostentatious wagons and masquerades. In the past years, a lot of pictures have been made of this event in order to convey the Burning-Man-feeling. But the line between dream and reality is finally blurred when Joel Cartier gets behind the lens. Cartier has a unique talent for great staging. This makes his pictures marvelously transcendent. All the festival’s art seems sublime. The visitors become messengers of a lost world and the festival itself becomes a place which you long for. Cartier plays with close-ups, extreme close-ups and portraits in a way that can only be described as a transfigured reality in a seemingly real place. It is this special mix that turns this picture series into a documentation of an otherworldly journey. A great show!

Joel Cartier: Watchinator

Even the terminator needs to know the time while traveling through time and space. So the lifestyle brand Police was clever enough to start a cooperation with the Terminator franchise. The result is a sound timepiece with the robot’s face on the dial. For the visual realization of their image film, Police got Joel Cartier on board, who delivered more than just great work. He created a combination of a movie trailer and product placement with a difference because he perfectly manages to use every take in a way that equally blends the two sides. Again and again, he uses pieces of the Terminator trailer and transfers them to the close ups of the watches. This can be the Terminator’s red-blinking eye, which appears with the red spots on the watch, the machine’s metamorphoses which reappear around the watch in an adaptation, or effects such as fog and the like which further stage the watch. All these gimmicks turn Joel Cartier’s image film into an impressive message for Police. 1:

Joel Cartier: Life as a Stage

Joel Cartier stages visual spectacles full of explosive power. Whether it is photography or a moving image, in his pictures even the smallest little details are charged with a fantastic energy. The result are modern heroic dramas that live up to their classical models. Every moment is an adventure, and with Cartier, life itself becomes an amazing stage. Joel Cartier was born in 1984 in Paris and moved to Switzerland when he was four. There, he finished his studies and training with the best grades possible, and then worked initially in the editorial and advertising fields before becoming a free-lance photographer and filmmaker. Since then, he has been traveling the world, preferably in Asia, and is always on the lookout for the right places to pursue his adventurous hobbies like flying, diving, and base jumping. What he experiences there finds its way in his work for clients including Jean Paul Gaultier, SWATCH, BMW, Paris Hilton, Nivea, Schwarzkopf, and Ed Hardy.

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