Joel Cartier: New work for Police

In our age, an age where every other person is trying to become the next influencer by means of smartphones and social media channels, being a creative pioneer has become an art again.

One of the photographers who knows how to stay at the top is Joel Cartier. And he has proven it yet again for the brand Police.

For Police’s accessories, he managed to create a perfect staging and a great color interplay in each single picture. Despite the fact that you might get the impression that an amateur has taken inspiration from his secret heroes, pros like Joel Cartier stay unparalleled in their quality.

Cartier gives Police’s sturdy- looking products a distinctive industrial charm which makes them look very weighty. At least the composition does not convey the idea of presenting simple elegance. These still lifes perfectly transport the character of a status symbol.

Joel Cartier managed again to excellently present the Police character.