Joel Micah Miller: Playing it safe for AOK Campaign

We could make a joke about the fact that insurances always play it safe but that wouldn’t do justice to Joel Micah Miller’s talent.

It is undeniable that Miller is an extremely gifted advertising photographer. So the AOK insurance company chose exactly the right shooter for their new campaign “Life Balance”.

Miller focuses on people on their commute to and from work and contrasts them with slogans about work-life-balance which reflect their needs.

For example, there is a well-dressed manager in a gray suit who is perfectly aware of the fact that his employees’ performance suffers if they aren’t healthy. Another ad portrays an attractive young professional woman who needs to take a break from time to time before picking things back up, refreshed and in charge. Lastly, we see an equally attractive young man who needs to recharge his batteries in order to be productive again.

All in all, it’s a great package of portraits set in a lively surrounding. They are expertly staged and Miller’s use of contrasts between acuity and blurring emphasizes the impression that everyone matters and is appreciated.

Of course, it’s a high-end picture series that is well-edited visually. It’s a successful campaign for AOK and it was a great idea to assign it to Miller.