Joel Micah Miller: Hot Waves

Sand as far as the eye can see, one car and lots of fun. This sounds like a kindergartener’s fantasy but in truth it’s the preconditions for the sensational shoot of the new Landrover.
Joel Micah Miller, who was accorded this honor, is a man of beauty and again and again also a man of playfulness. Thus, it is not surprising that he got two professionals for his spectacular stunts in the South African desert, a tough snowboarder and a dynamic race driver.
Miller himself describes this day on his homepage as follows: “They had fun. We got sandy. Everybody’s happy!” What more could one want?
And so he created a picture series which shows crazy pictures of the snowboarder in the dunes and the driver in the car, next to the obligatory romance- and off road shots. This is obviously a comparison between the sportsman’s skills and the car’s performance and sportiness.
With this concept Miller definitely scored a hit for depicting the new Landrover’s power and its flawlessness in any terrain and situation.