Joel Micah Miller: Sierra Mist Campaign for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

It’s always exciting when one brand tries to prevail against another and when a creative team like that of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners takes on the challenge against a competitor. What creative heads were part of the match Coca Cola vs. Pepsi is probably going to stay a secret.

One of them, however, is Joel Micah Miller who had the privilege of staging Pepsiā€™s “Sierra Mist”, a beverage that is a natural and tasty alternative to Sprite.

For his visual realisation, Miller did not only pick marvellous landscapes but he also kept his photos witty: If you look close, you can see animals and the like hidden in the pictures. Some of them can be seen in the shapes of clouds or hiding behind rocks, or they are just shaped by nature.

All in all, Miller skilfully effectuated this clever idea and he created a great poster child for Pepsi.