Julia Fullerton-Batten: A Testament to Love – Cinematic Still Life of a Love Story

London based award winning photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten presents us with a personal series she shot this year, entitled “At Testament to Love”. She has created cinematic, Edward Hopper-esque stills that capture just one brief moment – the moment shortly before or after a dramatic point – of a love story. Charged with intrigue, we the viewer, are automatically drawn in to weave a web of stories around the dramatic clues we pick up on. Do we see empowered women, who have chosen this new path ahead of them, or do we see tragedy and victims of love? What we then realise, is that by placing the character at such a dramatic crossroads in their lives, we become the protagonist. It is our own deepest, most internal emotions, wishes and fears that are thus exposed by Julia, and any negative judgment we make, is ultimately, the self-criticism we need to work on most in our lives. Heavy stuff, huh?