Julia Fullerton-Batten: Article in GQ Magazine about Suicide Chatrooms

GQ magazine commissioned Julia Fullerton Batten to shoot the following imagery to accompany an article about suicide chat rooms and an internet predator. The series shows an innocent young girl who has fallen prey to the dark side of the internet. Facing away from the viewer, she holds a laptop in her hands, the glow of the screen like a siren’s song luring her deeper into danger. The chilling symbolism came from a collaboration with photo editor Krista Prestek. In another haunting image, the young girl is already fading out of view; she is lost from the rest of the world.
The series is a startling visual illustration of an invisible problem – how our always online, always connected world can, ironically, lead to isolation and depression for some people and make them vulnerable to the darker elements that lurk out there in cyberspace.