Julia Fullerton-Batten: Hornbachs Dreamy Immortality – The Diary of a staircase

Well here’s an interesting challenge Julia Fullerton-Batten was faced with. Hornbach is a German home improvement centre, also providing parquet and stair casing to the highest standards, but they wanted to give their products the personal touch, and visualise the long lasting durable quality of their products whilst bringing up the connotations of heritage and legacy. So rather unusually, the creative concept was to blend the wooden surfaces in with the faces of those who had “laid the path” so to speak, or built the solid stair case that has seen so many generations and family stories pass by on it. Julia nailed the brief (and the parquet? Who knows..!) with her ethereal portraits of the older generation who’s wood laying legacy we so unassumingly tread on today. She thus captures the dreamy immortality with which Hornbach aim to inspire the next generation of DIY enthusiasts. There are many ways to heaven, and here you have the Hornbach way.