Julia Fullerton-Batten: Intimate portrait series

Now for a very touching personal series by Julia Fullerton-Batten. Eerie at first impression, when we delve deeper, we learn that these images are of people who are visually impaired in different ways, from different stages in their lives.

Julia left the choice of location to make up the background up to her subjects, and hence created a series of images that carries strong emotional meanings for her sitters.

The photographs conjure up a poetic sensory perception of the emotional relationship between the space and the sitter, such as Alan, 50, who suffers from glaucoma describes as follows: “Even now I can walk to the edge of my village and scan the rim of the opposite hills, getting that sense of space, of distance. Consciously breathing it in. Drinking it in. In case it fades.”

Reality fades into a delicate visual memory for these courageous people, and Julia has brought this visceral notion across with great artistry.