Julia Fullerton-Batten: Little Coach

The pictures of Julia Fullerton – Batten often show lush sceneries which open up wonderful pictorial worlds and captivate the viewer due to their detail. Nonetheless, reduced pictures also suit Julia Fullerton – Batten perfectly. And this she proved for the British firm Fitbug and their Life Tracker.

This time, Fullerton – Batten focuses her attention on a small device on the wrist of a young and attractive woman. Still, she manages to tease out pure joy of living of the model. Just like a manufacturer of fitness trackers loves it!

She shows that Fitbugs can also be fashion accessories by creating a wonderfully colored world that perfectly highlights the variously colored trackers. Her pictures emphasize the optically appealing side beyond the trackers’ practical utility.

Julia Fullerton – Batten definitely succeeded in making the Fitbug Life Tracker optically appealing for a healthy and life-affirming target audience.