Julia Fullerton-Batten: Retro Chic - Kids Editorial in Telegraph Magazine

The Telegraph Magazine commissioned Julia Fullerton-Batten with this rather intriguing fashion shoot starring Estela Andres and Charlie Dulieu, both just 6 years old. Retro chic is the motto, in impeccably styled interiors with 50’s decor, and some very serious kids playing “grown ups”. Resonating with Julia’s personal series “Mothers & Daughters”, this shoot has that same slightly unnerving but curiously pulling effect on us. Julia obviously knew exactly what she wanted from this shoot and has gone into great lengths to get every detail right, as is always the case with her highly narrative shoots. And somehow, I can’t help but see a bit of an innocently spoilt little madame (much like Mad Men’s Betty) coming across in that misty glare of Estela’s, which she pulls off so effortlessly.