Julia Fullerton-Batten: The Curtain Rises

If Julia Fullerton-Batten tackles a project, then it is with full commitment and planned down to the last detail. For her picture series “The Act”, she did extensive research, which is added to the films and texts of the project.

The goal of the project was to fully examine the lives of the 15 sex-workers whom she interviewed in order to present their stories to the world.

While working on the project, Fullerton-Batten realized that these women are living their lives as if on a stage. She decided to turn this into the Leitmotif of her picture series.

Each model is staged on a carefully built scene which corresponds to her profession and which is emphasized by the lighting. The lighting is deliberately cinematic and helps to create an enigmatic interpretation of their everyday lives.

Julia Fullerton-Batten’s picture series is fantastic in its use of color and its composition. Despite the fact that the women strike extreme poses in some pictures, they always look esthetic and artful.

Fullerton-Batten just has this unmistakable way of giving a face to tough topics. On the one hand, the extreme is exhibited, on the other hand these works always have something smooth about them, which emphasizes the fact that they aren’t judging. It is always fun to look at her new works and to be inspired to reflect.