Julia Fullerton-Batten: Awkward

Since 2004, Julia Fullerton-Batten has been working with the idea of adolescence. Her ground breaking series “Teenage Stories” placed pre-teen girls in situations where reality and non-reality collided. Her subjects were introduced with new responsibilities, torn from their lives of day-dreaming and fantasy. With her following series “School Play” and “In Between” Fullerton-Batten guided her subjects through their teenage years, confronting issues of self-awareness, social peer pressures, conformity and their place within their domestic lives.

“Awkward” is Fullerton-Batten’s newest series, where her subjects now face coming adulthood and the internal and external feelings and confusions dealing with the onset of their sexuality and their relations to each other.

Fullerton-Batten’s highly stylized photographs mirror the culture these young adults are brought up in. Her subjects live in a new MTV world of high fashion, social awareness and a mature becoming. In this light, Fullerton-Batten comments on the world of advertising and media persuasion without the need of products. She strips the image to it’s essentials: Subject and environment and through composition, lighting and gesture intertwines non-reality and reality seamlessly continuing the progression of a teenage girls life.