Kilian Kessler: Always secure with TCS Switzerland

Kilian Kessler: Image pool for HELSANA

Kilian Kessler: Portraits for Finnova

Kilian Kessler: Rohr AG Corporate

Kilian Kessler: A little summer story

Kilian Kessler: Getzner Corporate

Kilian Kessler: Playing Golf with UBS

Kilian Kessler: Studer Food Cleaning

Kilian Kessler: Skyfall - Aesthetic machenerie photos for FERAG

It is absolutely incredible that a photographer manages to make an industrial facility look sexy. Not only does the transportation machine Skyfall by FERAG have the same name as the second-to last Bond film, but the pictures of the Swiss photographer’s product presentation show similar esthetics. Before your inner eye you can see the rolling suspension, which looks a bit like clothes bags, glide past you while you can almost hear Adele singing softly in the background and you can almost taste the Martini on your tongue. Daniel Craig would also look great swinging from the suspension. Kessler definitely appealed to a very specific emotional sphere with his pictorial language. You get the impression of looking at a powerful, precise machine that doesn’t make any mistakes and is extremely exciting to look at. One of the reasons for this effect is the fact that the pictures are rather held in black and white tones and therefore there are only a few color statements but those are wonderfully chosen for their interplay with the overall impression. The close-ups of the chrome rails, the reels and other mechanical elements create the impression of looking at real design objects. With his presentation of the transportation machine SKYFALL, Kilian Kessler finds a perfect balance between the objects’ aestheticization and the emphasis of their qualities. It is all about the details!

Kilian Kessler: Captures employees for RIBAG

Considering the fact that RIBAG is a firm that sells innovative lighting concepts, it is hard to stop oneself from imagining how light dawns on Kilian Kessler while working on the realization of their employee portraits. In contrast to common portrait techniques, he uses a simple technique, or rather a very reduced form. What he does is thinking one step ahead. The company works with light. Thus, he decides to work with black and white pictures in front of a dark background. He uses only one light source which highlights the person’s face and the upper half of the torso in the dark. The resulting effect inevitably provides relevance, believability and depth. Kilian Kessler wonderfully relates each person’s importance for the company’s success and the connection to the company’s products.

Kilian Kessler: Kitchen Aid

As a manufacturer of kitchens, you have a clear product line and you need to set yourself apart from your competitors. If you are Baumann Küchen from St. Gall, you get a top-notch photographer from Switzerland like Kilian Kessler to do this. Kessler’s pictorial language is highly reduced but this makes it much more effective when it comes to capturing details. He does not just show the obvious but he plays with things. And here, coincidence and planning become a paradox for him, which he does not even try to break down. So he created a picture series for Baumann Küchen which absolutely meets their high standards. You can’t doubt that they produce high-quality kitchens when you get the impression that the pictures were made with respect and that they transport a certain devotion. Kessler can live out his love for details in all the small wonders which Baumann Küchen put into their productions. It is especially great to see that Kessler also shows the planners behind all the wonderful kitchens at work and that he captures a relaxed but highly professional workflow between the employees. Here, Kessler presented a subtle and effective work for Baumann.

Kilian Kessler. The Beauty of Everyday Life.

Kilian Kessler finds warmth and beauty in people’s everyday lives. Good examples are his photo story about the abbey Appenzell or in his portrait of the gymnast Giulia Steingruber. His work varies from delicate stagings to sensitive documentaries. His photographs are modern, but not cool – rather, they are surprisingly lively and human. As a child, Kilian (who was born in 1980) wanted to become a car designer. After studying photography in Basel, he realized that people are more fascinating to him than inanimate objects. After working as an assistant to several photographers, he started working freelance. Kilian Kessler loves movies and Russian literature. That is perhaps one reason why his photographs have a second level that lends his motifs depth.