Kilian Kessler: Kitchen Aid

As a manufacturer of kitchens, you have a clear product line and you need to set yourself apart from your competitors. If you are Baumann Küchen from St. Gall, you get a top-notch photographer from Switzerland like Kilian Kessler to do this.
Kessler’s pictorial language is highly reduced but this makes it much more effective when it comes to capturing details. He does not just show the obvious but he plays with things. And here, coincidence and planning become a paradox for him, which he does not even try to break down.
So he created a picture series for Baumann Küchen which absolutely meets their high standards. You can’t doubt that they produce high-quality kitchens when you get the impression that the pictures were made with respect and that they transport a certain devotion.
Kessler can live out his love for details in all the small wonders which Baumann Küchen put into their productions.
It is especially great to see that Kessler also shows the planners behind all the wonderful kitchens at work and that he captures a relaxed but highly professional workflow between the employees.
Here, Kessler presented a subtle and effective work for Baumann.