Kilian Kessler: Skyfall - Aesthetic machenerie photos for FERAG

It is absolutely incredible that a photographer manages to make an industrial facility look sexy. Not only does the transportation machine Skyfall by FERAG have the same name as the second-to last Bond film, but the pictures of the Swiss photographer’s product presentation show similar esthetics.

Before your inner eye you can see the rolling suspension, which looks a bit like clothes bags, glide past you while you can almost hear Adele singing softly in the background and you can almost taste the Martini on your tongue. Daniel Craig would also look great swinging from the suspension.

Kessler definitely appealed to a very specific emotional sphere with his pictorial language. You get the impression of looking at a powerful, precise machine that doesn’t make any mistakes and is extremely exciting to look at.

One of the reasons for this effect is the fact that the pictures are rather held in black and white tones and therefore there are only a few color statements but those are wonderfully chosen for their interplay with the overall impression.

The close-ups of the chrome rails, the reels and other mechanical elements create the impression of looking at real design objects.

With his presentation of the transportation machine SKYFALL, Kilian Kessler finds a perfect balance between the objects’ aestheticization and the emphasis of their qualities. It is all about the details!