Knotan: Digital Temple Magazine " Get primitive"

At first, Knotan’s latest editorial for Digital Temple Magazine seems like another of the “beautiful people being cool” photo style on which he has made his name. But, as always with Knotan, there is something more personal and more nuanced at work. He is a master of slipping depth into his eye-candy, of drawing out doubt in confidence. There’s always an undercurrent of something else going on.
Here, his model is making eyes at the camera, sultry and seductive. But there’s something a little ‘off’: her come-on a little too direct, her screams a little too manic, the vivid colours in the background suggesting there’s wild turmoil going on beneath the surface. It’s a routine that seems to come more out of boredom than desire. As though there’s nothing better to do than “get primitive”, as her t-shirt urges.